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Two generations have dedicated their time and energy to build what must be considered a magnificent family patrimony. After their father Paul Gonfrier, Eric and Philippe took the lead in the enterprise and decided to expand the vineyard. The "Vignobles Gonfrier" now cover 450 hectares (1100 acres). The wine stores and head office of the holding are in the village of Lestiac within the walls of the Château de Marsan. In parallel, Eric and Philippe have decided to use their know-how to develop a trade in wines vinifying the production of 500 hectares (1240 acres) in Chais de Rions.

To fully exploit the quality and diversity of this harvest, it was necessary to build a technologically advanced wine store : 25 000 hl of wine vats, mostly stainless steel, allowing complete control of the vinifications, a carefully studied production line to receive the harvest with the mininum of damage to the grape, the possibility of being able to carry out certain treatments to the wine to guarantee a product free from any deposits or other drawbacks, regular controls at all stages of the vinifications and a maximum level of hygiene at all times ; especially on our own bottling-up line, very modern. The ageing of the bottled wine is done in huge air conditioned darkrooms allowing us to offer the customer several vintages which will have aged to their optimum.

SCEA GONFRIER FRERES - Château de Marsan 33550 LESTIAC-SUR-GARONNE - Phone 05 56 72 14 38

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