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Pierre de Marsan built the castel in the seventeen century, exactly in 1630, and gave it its name. From this time, only the foundations subsiste ; the "chartreuse" we can see now is from the nineteen century.

In 1962, Paul and Marie-Josée Gonfrier came from Algeria to Lestiac. They bought the castel ; at this time the property was about 30 hectares in part of vine and in the other part of fruits trees. It's during the middle of the 80's that the Château de Marsan saw big changes : Eric and Philippe (two of the three sons) bring with them a new vision of the way of working.

SCEA GONFRIER FRERES - Château de Marsan 33550 LESTIAC-SUR-GARONNE - Phone 05 56 72 14 38

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