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The Vignobles Gonfrier have committed in an sustainable approach for a long time. This translates into the challenge of satisfying costumers demand with the lowest environmental impact. This commitment is expressed in the differents charts and labels obtained : "Agriculture raisonnée", High Environmental Value certification and organic farming.

"Agriculture raisonnée" is a model of agriculture which emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to operations management. Adherence to this concept implies compliance with a specification with 98 requirements on environmental, land management, traceability practices, crop protection, control of health risks, health and safety at work... Furthermore,  the Vignobles Gonfrier have obtained the High Environmental Value certification level 3 (highest level), which allows the characterization of particularly efficient farms in terms of environment. In addition, the enterprise is still developping its organic production.

SCEA GONFRIER FRERES - Château de Marsan 33550 LESTIAC-SUR-GARONNE - Phone 05 56 72 14 38

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